Equally Well is fundamentally about changing practice and this requires commitment. Organisations are being asked to support Equally Well and look at ways to work differently to improve health outcomes for people living with mental illness.

Equally Well Booklet

Consensus Statement

Equally Well Poster

Equally Well poster

Use these posters to promote Equally Well in your workplace or to your networks.

Ways you can support Equally Well:

  • Plan and implement actions based on Equally Well.
  • Display an Equally Well poster.
  • Share your Equally Well activity with us and your networks.
  • Gain greater impact by collaborating with your networks.
  • Participate in targeted stakeholder engagement activities facilitated by Mental Health Australia.
  • Monitor, evaluate and share the outcomes of your activities.

To sign up to Equally Well and have your organisation’s logo displayed on our Supporters web page, please email the Project Team using the “General Enquiries” form with the name of your organisation, logo, link to your home page, and confirmation that you have the authority to give formal commitment.