In developing Equally Well, the National Mental Health Commission consulted with a range of stakeholders. Our next step is to issue a national call for more organisations to support Equally Well and commit to taking action through interventions across the spectrum of health and wellbeing – from promotion, prevention and early intervention to tertiary treatment – on a whole of life basis across the spectrum of Australian society. The following organisations have already shown their support for Equally Well.

Country SA Primary Health Network
SA Mental Health Commission
Ramsay Mental Health, Part of Ramsay Health Care
Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia
headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Carers Tasmania
Mentor + Support Ltd
Mental Health Commission of NSW
 Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network
SYNERGY Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre, ACT
Marathon Health
Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network
South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network
Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network
Uniting Recovery
Mental Health Australia
Private Mental Health
Mental Health Carers NSW (ARAFMI)
One Door Mental Health (formerly known as the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW)
Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation, Victorian branch
Amaranth Foundation
St Andrew's Hospital - Toowoomba
National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum
WA Primary Health Alliance
ACT Primary Health Network
Uniting Care Australia
Australian Psychological Society
Neami National
BEING Consumer Advisory Group
Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health
Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network
Government of Western Australia, Mental Health Commission
Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network
Occupational Therapy Australia
Quit Victoria
Canberra Mental Health Forum
Australian Primary Mental Health Alliance
Team Health NT
The Mental Health Council of Tasmania
Brisbane North Primary Health Network
COORDINARE South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network
Dieticians Association of Australia
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Murray Primary Health Network
Queensland Mental Health Commission
National Rural Health Alliance
Tasmania Primary Health Network
Adelaide Primary Health Network
National LGBTI Health Alliance